Pobreza Urbana, Segregação Urbana


Marques, Eduardo Cesar Leão;Bichir, Renata Mirandola;Moya, Encarnación;Zoppi, Miranda;Pantoja, Igor;Pavez, Thais

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Marques, Eduardo Cesar Leão

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Faculdade de Filosofia Letras e Ciências Humanas [FFLCH]


redes sociais; pobreza; segregação urbana; sociabilidade

Palavras-chave do autor:

social networks; urban poverty; urban segregation; sociability; São Paulo


This article presents results of ongoing research into personal networks in São Paulo, exploring their relationships with poverty and urban segregation. We present the results of networks of 89 poor individuals who live in three different segregation situations in the city. The article starts by describing and analysing the main characteristics of personal networks of sociability, highlighting aspects such as their size, cohesion and diversity, among others. Further, we investigate the main determinants of these networks, especially their relationship with urban segregation, understood as separation between social groups in the city, and specific forms of sociability. Contrary to much of the literature, which takes into account only segregation of individual attributes in the urban space (race, ethnicity, socioeconomic level etc), this investigation tests the importance both of networks and of segregation in the reproduction of poverty situations.


MARQUES, Eduardo Cesar Leão; BICHIR, Renata Mirandola; MOYA, Encarnación; . Personal networks and urban poverty: preliminary findings. Brazilian Political Science Review, Rio de Janeiro, v. 2 n. 1, n. ja/ju 2008, p. 10-34, 2008. Disponível em: > DOI: 10.1590/s1981-38212008000100001.