Abiko, Alex Kenya;Cardoso, Luiz Reynaldo de Azevedo;Rinaldelli, Ricardo;Haga, Heitor Cesar Riogi

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Abiko, Alex Kenya;Cardoso, Luiz Reynaldo de Azevedo

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Escola Politécnica [EP]

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International Urban Research Symposium Held in Brasília


construção civil; habitação; urbanização; favelas


Slum areas in Brazil have expanded greatly, and particularly in the last two decades. The initiatives taken by the government in relation to this issue have evolved from superficial actions and measures aimed at minimizing infrastructure deficiencies to broader interventions seeking to consolidate newly upgraded slum areas as part of the city. This requires more far-reaching construction work and involves at least some restructuring of the road system, relocating and/or re-housing when necessary, and doing construction work that often affects areas surrounding slums. So, the aim of this paper is to assist in planning and examining strategic concepts for interventions in informal urban areas by compiling basic costs and technical data associated with understanding these items. Conclusions and recommendations are listed in relation to general guidelines for interventions, to upgrading costs, to the data obtained and to strategies and technologies for minimizing costs or raising the cost-to-benefit ratio of interventions.


ABIKO, Alex Kenya; CARDOSO, Luiz Reynaldo de Azevedo; RINALDELLI, Ricardo; HAGA, Heitor Cesar Riogi. Basic costs of slum upgrading in Brazil. Anais.. Brasília, DF: IPEA, 2007.