Liu, Cindy H.;Fink, Günther;Brentani, Helena;Brentani, Alexandra

Autor(a) USP:

Brentani, Helena Paula;Brentani, Alexandra Valeria Maria

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Unidade USP:

Faculdade de Medicina [FM]


estresse; crianças; mães; cortisol; cabelo

Palavras-chave do autor:

hair cortisol; high-risk; infant; postpartum; stress


This study examined maternal-infant synchrony of hair cortisol at 12 months after birth and the intra-individual stability of maternal hair cortisol in the postpartum period. Participants were selected from an ongoing São Paulo birth cohort project, where families are considered to be "high-risk" due to their chronic stress experiences, with the majority living in slums (favelas). Cortisol was collected through 3-cm segments of hair samples, with values representing approximate levels of cortisol from 9 to 12 months for mothers and children and 6 to 12 months for mothers. Maternal and infant cortisol values reflecting chronic stress 9-12 months after birth were highly correlated (r = .61, p < .001); earlier maternal cortisol levels (6-9 months) and child cortisol levels at 9-12 months (r = .51, p < .001) were also correlated. Maternal cortisol values showed stability over time (r = .79, p < .001). These maternal-infant correlations are high compared to the existing literature on hair cortisol in other mother-child dyads, suggesting stronger synchrony under high-risk contexts where families are faced with challenging circumstances.


LIU, Cindy H.; FINK, Günther; BRENTANI, Helena; BRENTANI, Alexandra. An assessment of hair cortisol among postpartum Brazilian mothers and infants from a high-risk community in São Paulo: Intra-individual stability and association in mother–infant dyads. Developmental Psychobiology, New York, v. 59, n. 7, p. 916-926, 2017. Disponível em: < > DOI: 10.1002/dev.21557.