Grafite, Hip Hop, Periferia, Rap


Hikiji, Rose Satiko Gitirana;Caffé, Carolina

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Hikiji, Rose Satiko Gitirana

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Faculdade de Filosofia Letras e Ciências Humanas [FFLCH]


antropologia visual; hip hop; graffiti; rap; periferia


This essay discusses the artistic production linked to hip hop in Cidade Tiradentes, the largest social housing development in Latin America, situated on the East Zone of São Paulo, Brazil. The authors discuss art as a means of mobilization and political struggle, the transformations undergone by street art and the relation between art and public space, based on the experience of shared visual anthropology, which resulted in the production of the Cidade Tiradentes Arts Map web site (2009), two ethnographic films, Lá do Leste (From over on the East Side) (2010) and A Arte e a Rua (Art and the Street) (2011), the book Lá do Leste (From over on the East Side) (2013) and the web documentary


HIKIJI, Rose Satiko Gitirana; CAFFÉ, Carolina. A arte e a rua: audiovisual ethnography on the outskirts of São Paulo. Alter/nativas - latin american cultural studies journal Columbus, n. 2, p. [15 ], 2014.